"How many companies are out there who actually do what they say they will do for you? We have no idea, but one thing we now know Gecko Projects is one such company."

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Company History

Get the best of both worlds with Gecko Projects. The protection and professionalism of the 'Big Guys', but the service and personal touch of the 'Little Guy.'

Gecko Projects Ltd was established in 2008, and has since come a long way. We started out in Calgary's post-boom era in the spring of 2008, and still managed to make a name for ourselves. It's never been about getting big or putting up the most garages, but providing a valued service delivered in a different way than our competitors, and at a reasonable price. We're not the cheapest, but we're not the most expensive either. We do however, build nothing but the best.

Drawing from our education and a long history working in the trades, Gecko Projects separates itself from the competition by limiting the use of sub-trades who, in our opinion, are overused and abused in the Calgary construction market. By doing this, we can eliminate the 2 biggest causes of customer dissatisfaction in large market residential construction companies:

1. Ineffective and non-timely communication with each customer throughout the lifecycle of a new construction project, when the organization has multiple projects running at once.

2. The existence of sub-contractors in the trades, and motivating them to care as much as the stakeholder when wages are paid piece work. This is enhanced by the lack of loyalty to trades when the economy or business slows down.

We recognized the new garage construction market as one of the biggest offenders. Companies operating as general contractors on garage projects that were reasonably straight forward, paying a multitude of trades bottom dollar on a piece work basis to build garages for their customers. Some companies putting up 100's of garages a year (and the rest aspiring to) did nothing but leave the customer behind. Poor communication and ambivalent trades that were prepared to do only the bare minimum required, because they did not get rewarded for any extra effort, plagued this model.

Thus Gecko Projects Ltd, specializing in new garage construction, was born. What was the answer? Start Small, Stay Small! One project at a time (first in, first out). One crew working on projects from start to finish, experienced and trained in all facets of new garage construction. Limited use of sub-trades unless absolutely necessary (licensed trades required ~ ie. electrical installation, or plumbing/gas fitting). One point of contact throughout the entire projects lifecycle from sales to construction to follow-up, and an iron clad promise to respond to every phone call and email from our customers on a timely basis.

In the end it's been nothing short of a success. We've built solid relationships with some of the best businesses in Calgary, we provide a valued product and service in the most professional manner, and we have 100% customer satisfaction to show for it. Thinking about building a garage in the near future? We recommend you contact Gecko Projects and see the difference for yourself.